3.5+ Tbit global network

High-speed and stable DDoS protected network powered by Path.net

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DDoS protection

From floods over 3.5 Tbit/sec and 700,000,000 packets/sec.

Pain point

Minecraft and Game servers are often the targets of large DDoS attacks. Your server could go offline until the attacks stop - huge loss of players. A third party service could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month.

Our solution

3.5 Terabit global anycasted network, zero downtime, zero nullroutes, starting at just $8/month (Extreme plans).

Fast connectivity

Unmetered 1Gbps symmetrical internet connectivity for all Minecraft and Game servers.

Pain point

Limited bandwidth and bad network conditions could tremendously affect the gaming experience - increased latency and laggy playing experience.

Our solution

We provide unmetered 1Gbps symmetrical connectivity to all server instances (all plans apply).